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Our "shop" sits at about 8,500' above sea level in the Wet Mountains of Colorado

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We make your African violet pots here in our home

Jim, Jim, Jim and Marley.jpg (710296 bytes) CHIEF MASTER SERGEANTJim spent 26 years in the air force and retired as a chief master sergeant.  Served from 1956 to 1982.  Martha worked at the USAF Academy while Jim did a tour of duty at the Cheyenne Mountain complex near Colorado Springs, Colorado.   Jim has also been assigned to Lackland AFB, Texas, Keesler AFB, Misissippi (twice), Langerkoff AFS, Germany, San Vito AFB, Italy, Stephenville AFS, Newfoundland, Sparrevon AFS, Alaska, Johnston Island (South Pacific), Rockville AFS,  Indiana, Walnut Ridge AFS, Arkansas, Texarkana AFS, Arkansas, Stewart AFB, New York, Hancock AFB, New York, Boron AFS, California, Vandenberg AFB, California,   and Langley AFB, Virginia .  Martha's ceramics took an All European first prize while Jim was stationed in  Italy.  Now we're making African violet pots for you just to keep us busy up here in the mountains.  We've spent years perfecting our ceramics and have sold thousands of African violet pots over the years at craft fairs, malls, state fairs and  special events.  We're sure you will be pleased with our craftsmanship.  
Have a good one -Jim and Martha!!

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            Jim working on African violet pots                                       Martha with our new Great Grandaughter                                     Marley a year later


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