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African violet pots By Jim and Martha

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HH01515A.gif (970 bytes)When you've chosen the Size, Floral Design, and Top Color
for your self watering African violet pots, you're ready to order:  Note:  we ship within the US only

Phone Cartoon.gif (2535 bytes)You can give us a ring  (1-800-786-6175).   Note:  We're on Mountain Standard time.   

Mailbox Cartoon.gif (1311 bytes)You can also Order by email: We check our Email often!!

You can leave us your telephone number if you want us to get back to you.  Tell us which African violet pot you want and we'll get it to you quickly.  Click on Measurements to determine the size African violet planter you need!!  We ship by UPS or regular postal service, whichever is least expensive for you. 
We don't charge any handling fees.

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