African violet pots
By Jim and Martha Davis

Best self watering Ceramic African violet pots on the Web

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Ned and Jean's African violets - Washington State. 
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Your African violets should thrive and bloom!!
Our two-part ceramic African violet pots
combine beauty and function to make
sure that your violets will do just that.
The bottom part holds water; top part holds  
the soil and your African violet.  We make these
African violet pots from scratch and
they're your African violet's best friend. 
Our pots are good for any flower or herb
that requires moisture. See "Business Review" for
how well Streptocarpus plants  thrive.
We glaze our African violet pots with clear glaze,
and cover that with a pearlescent  finish
that enhances all the colors of our finished product.

Our self-watering ceramic African violet pots come in
three sizes: Click
Here to see how we measure them.

1. Mini-sized ceramic self-watering African violet pots: 
These miniature African violet pots are ideal
for your miniature African violets.  We've decided not to put any
designs on these pots because they're so delicate. 
Our classic mother-of-pearl finish
is enough!

Pots are 3 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches deep. 

2. Standard ceramic self-watering African violet pots: 
7 inches across, 4 inches tall.  Insert is 6 inches across
and  2 3/4 inches deep. (These African violet pots are good
for those plants just starting out.)
3. Large ceramic self-watering African violet pots:  9 inches across,
5 inches tall.  Insert is 7 inches across and 3 1/2 inches deep.  
(These African violet pots are for those mature plants
that need a little more room to grow.)  

Give us a call 1-800-786-6175 or e-mail us at

Choose a Design for your African violet pots:

Design 2.gif (27841 bytes) 

Design 3.gif (36658 bytes)

New Roses.jpg (1728414 bytes)

 Design 6.gif (36057 bytes)



Design 7.gif (34281 bytes)

Design 8.gif (30261 bytes)

Design 9.gif (31422 bytes)

Sweet Peas.jpg (1288333 bytes)

  AVP Photos4.jpg (11296 bytes)



    You can  choose to have no design.   These African violet pots still have
a  mother of pearl finish and are elegant.  They are the same
price throughout the different sizes.

Now you need to choose the color tops you want 

index_8.jpg (6628 bytes) index_9.jpg (2755 bytes) index_10.jpg (3149 bytes) index_11.jpg (2884 bytes)
Above colors are (from left to right):
   Light Green,  Lavender, White,

Purple, Light Blue and Pink.

To Order:  Give us a call @ 1-800-786-6175 or go to  We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover
NOTE:  We're on Mountain Standard Time

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