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 Numbers One,                                              Two                                               Three........

#1:    "Hope you enjoy seeing the photo of your beautifully made African violet pots in their
new home. I have had some lovely comments on how great they look. Just imagine how
far they have come and now I am sending you a picture"
Lorna, Great Britain (above number One)

#2:   "I wanted you to see how beautifully our violets are thriving in your beautiful pots!! The sun wasn't out when we took this picture, so you don't quite see how shimmery the violets are, but, other than that, it's a good picture." Michelle and Mark, Illinois (above Number Two)

#3:  "Hello Martha and Jim,  
I recently bought(2) of your pots.  I wanted to say how wonderful and great
your product is.  I am using them for my Streptocarpus, that I have in my dining 
room bay. The Mother of Pearl finish, gives off a most attractive subdued 
iridescence when the light shines off of them.  The pots just finish off the 
presentation perfectly. You may want to promote on your website, the use of your pots 
for Streptocarpus as well as for African Violets.  Mine are absolutely thriving.  
I can only hope one can gain a perspective, through the pictures, on how large 
these plants are. Again thank you very much, for the total operation of your business.  
It has been an utmost joy, in talking with you and having you deliver such a fine product. 
Please feel free to use this letter and photos, in your satisfied customer section
if you feel inclined to do so. I would be honored." Brian, Pa. above Number Three.....            

Stacys_violet_1.jpg (8355 bytes)Stacys_violet_2.jpg (11700 bytes)Stacys_violet_3.jpg (9458 bytes)

"WOW! Your pots really are terrific! I am just sending you 3 pictures of 1 in the large pot and 1 extra large, then 1 mini. The 2 in the large and extra large pot have not bloomed in almost a year! This past week they are blooming, blooming, blooming! The large itself has 10 shoots as of today man are the blooms big! It had been so long since a bloom I had forgotten their colors! Now for the mini. I love mini violets, but they bloom a little for me and then take a rest, a shoot here or there. I transferred this mini to your pot, and it has bloomed 3 times since! It now has a total of 5 shoots from it’s little self! That is a record for me!! I will be buying more pots in the future! Just wanted to let you know whatever you do to these wonderful pots, is working for me!!" Stacey, Indiana (See 3 plants directly above)

Good morning: The African Violet 'shells' arrived and the photo on the Internet, good as it is, can't begin to do them justice. They are so very beautiful. My husband received them as an early birthday present because he's going to be out of the country on his birthday. He is so thrilled with their beauty, he said, "They are so delicate and beautifully executed. Can you imagine how they are going to look with violet plants in them?" Thank you for solving my birthday gift problems and you may be sure that we will be back again and again. What lovely people you are to deal with -- you renew our sagging confidence in American enterprise. Gratefully, Marie, New York

"A few months ago I bought 3 of your African violet pots...I inherited 3 African violets when my sister passed away. The plants were puny...looking close to death...we put them in your pots and now they are glorious...blooming beyond belief. The variegated one was in the worse shape...after six months it is now blooming...the others bloomed after a short time. " Marsha, USA

"I wanted to let you know I received the violet pots I ordered and they are absolutely exquisite. The mother of pearl on them is gorgeous along with the decals and the lids. I love the little pop bellied one that you chose for me. And I have never had anything that I have ordered be packed as well as your packing. I believe you could have dropped the box from a building and the pots would not have broken. Thank you and I'll be ordering again when I need more pots." DM, Arkansas

Hi, Martha and Jim, Thanks so much for your great pots! They are nicely designed both esthetically and functionally. I am enclosing a photo (above) taken of some of our violets on the bathroom counter. There is a mirror behind the pots, giving us a little extra color! Don’t give up on us – we’ll probably need more pots later! Jean and Ned, Washington State

"Dear Jim, I love your pots!!!!! A couple years ago I bought a couple from you & they grew huge & did so well!!!" Lori

"Hi, I am so glad I found your site. I have searched high and low for these pots. Yours are by far the prettiest I have seen. I have already given your web site to three others." Theresa

"Hi Martha and Jim, I received my pots today! They were well worth waiting for. I can't wait to replant my violets - I am sure they will love their new home. Will let you know how it goes!  Thank you again!" Robin

"I'm so glad that you are making the minis again! I have a long and ugly history of violet abuse prior to buying my first two part pot. Since I started using them, mine are doing so well. I wasn't going to get any miniature plants, but somehow I've ended up with a mess of them so obviously I need some pots!" Amy

DeDe_Ritterings_violets_1.jpg (11519 bytes)  DeDe_Ritterings_violets_2.jpg (10494 bytes)

Dear Martha, Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of one of my african violet plants that I put into one of your vases. It is gorgeous. It has 22 blooms in this picture and 21 more buds ready to open soon. Wow! What a difference your pots have made. Thanks again. DeDe from Colorado (See two African violets  directly above)

"I need another large pot, my plants are going crazy" Donna

"Martha------I forgot to tell you my violets in your pots are growing like none of my violets have ever grown before. And the new leaves had babies in the small pots sooner than ever before. Everything is so much healthier looking
and they are blooming profusely. And I love where you live and the pictures
on your web-site. Thank you for making pots dear." Dee

Hi to both of you, I received my pots and they are gorgeous. They are a perfect size Martha and the designs are breathtaking. I have many self watering pots and the only violets that are healthy and that bloom, are in the pots I ordered from you earlier. These new ones are a perfect size for the violets that have outgrown the smaller pots I ordered from you. I repotted last night and they are standing tall and proud. Thanks for taking the time to make them for me. Dee

Violet pot picture.jpg (3632519 bytes)

I am sending you a picture of my African Violet (above)that my Grandmother 
gave me years and years ago!  I started it with just a leaf!  It 
measure a little over 12" across!!!!!    Sorry you can't see your  

wonderful pot! TF

"I received my order today, Jim, and couldn't be happier; the pot is beautiful.
Thank you so much." Rob

"Hi, Jim. I'd like to order some more pots from you. Have I told you how much I love the pots I've ordered so far? Yes, but let me tell you again. They are so beautiful. I have a huge garden tub in my master bath with a big window looking outside. The tub came with the house when we moved into it last year or we would never have had one. We only use the shower stall next to it. I've made it my African violet display. I put some clear lexan strips across the ends of the tub so that now my violets have plenty of room and are ringing the tub for a very beautiful master bath. I even made the color scheme of the room match the violets." Sandra, Texas

"Hello there, I got my pots on Friday and just love them. Everyone in the office had to stop by and
admire them. Can't wait to put my violets in them" Davina

"The two African Violet Pots that I ordered from you arrived and I wanted to let you know they made it here and in excellent condition. They are beautiful and I have already transplanted two of my bigger violets in them. Thank You so much . They are a lovely addition to my home." Margaret, New York

"Hello Martha & Jim, It’s here – my beautiful shiny new pot just arrived!!! It’s even prettier than I imagined. I picked up a bag of potting soil just made for African Violets – I can’t wait to get my baby all snuggled in her new home! " Kim, Texas


"I just wanted you to know that my pink optimara African violet is starting to bloom. Its first flower popped up today." Holly

"To Jim and Martha,
I just received the African violet pots. They are even more beautiful in
person. I love the way that they are made. I can't wait to give them as
gifts, and keep one for me." Roberta

"The pots arrived today in great shape. They were well-packed, survived the trip, and look beautiful. Thanks again. Now I can't wait for those "babies" to grow up." Kathie

"We received the pots to-day and they are beautiful. Our mail lady noticed that they were African Violet Pots. She being an African violet grower of course wanted your address. So I gave her all the info and you will
be hearing again from us or our friends. Thanks so much." Carrol and Phyllis

"I just got my pots. They are GORGEOUS! I'm supposed to give 2 away as Christmas presents. Beautiful job!" Pat

"Dear Jim and Martha, Your pots arrived quickly and packaged perfectly. They are beautiful, even more than pictured. I am so pleased. These are the first African violets that I've grown, so you've gotten me off to a great start. My grandmother had African violets when I was a child, and I always thought that they were so very special. You've helped me to add to that beautiful memory. Many thanks." Melinda

Martha & Jim:
I wanted to take a moment and let you know how happy I am with my new violet
pots.  The plants are thriving and the pots are beautiful.  I shared your
information with a work colleague and she too is very happy with her violet
pots. Keep up the great work!

I received my first order of your self watering pots today.  Words cannot express how absolutely beautiful they are!  I can't stop looking at them, they simply take my breath away.  In anticipation of receiving these beautiful pots, I purchased four new African violet plants for them.  I  am grateful that I did so.  I will work on my other African violets and get them healthier and then you will receive my second order! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!God Bless - Jeannelle, Ohio

Catherine's violet.jpg (26817 bytes)  Brenda's African violets.jpg (1989033 bytes)

African violet and pot belongs to Catherine (Above Left) Looks like her violet is doing great.
Brenda's African violets (Above Right)are beautiful.  Hope she sends us a picture when she gets
them into our pots.  Jim & Martha

Jim and Martha, We received the African Violet pots yesterday. They came through in perfect condition, and my wife and I agree that they are absolutely beautiful. We're looking forward to getting our violets repotted into these beautiful containers. Thanks so much for making such a great product.  MM, Vermont

Jim and Martha, the pots arrived today! They are beautiful.  I split a baby
off of "Vi" and put the rest of her in the big pot.  I am so anxious to see if
she will spread out now and start to bloom.  I put "Judi" (my problem child
that just won't do anything) in the pink pot and am anxious to see what
happens there as well.  I will definitely be ordering more pots.  I am putting
together a "wish list" for my husband of different patterns and colors.  Thank
you for the beautiful work you do.....and making it available for others to
enjoy as well.  Martha, I hope you have a very happy Mother's Day!   God's
richest blessings to you both.  Dawn, Wisconsin

Dear Martha and Jim, Received my beautiful pot on Monday afternoon.  Arrived in perfect condition. 
It was so much lovelier than I thought it would be.  The pictures on your website do not really show
how beautiful they really are.  Martha, thanks so much for calling me with the total cost.  It was nice
speaking with you and thanks so much to both of you for such a wellmade product.   Keep up the
good work and God Bless you both - Barbara, Pennsylvania

Brenda's violets 1.jpg (313538 bytes)
Brenda's violets 2.jpg (318650 bytes) Brenda's violets 3.jpg (176194 bytes)

Good Morning, Jim & Martha.  Finally, I have a few pictures for you of those beautiful violet pots.  They are so attractive, and everyone who sees them admire your workmanship.  The shipping of those beautiful pots were excellent, with each item arriving in perfect condition.    After some of my miniature violets bloom I will send you some of those pictues.  I plan on ordering more violet pots, sometime in the near future.  I send you both my best wishes for your continued success with your violet pot business.
Sincerely, Brenda (See Above three pictures)

Hello Martha,I wanted to thank you and your husband again for the magnificent violet pots.  Also, I wanted to let you know that the pictures on your website, while quite nice, do not come close to doing justice to how lovely your pots are.  The opalescent finish on the inserts and the outside of the pots is gorgeous—and, in fact, is so pretty on its own, that the floral bouquets on the side are just an added bonus. I also wanted to tell you that the seashell pots are even more attractive in person than the website pictures. The level of detail is stunning, and I am sure that all my friends will be envious of these lovely and unique pots. Thank you again! Mindy, Virginia

I have blooms.jpg (6140175 bytes)
Dear Jim and Martha,I have blooms!!  I have tied in the past
but have never been able to grow violets until now, thanks to
your pots!  I am SO happy!  Thank you, SO MUCH!DEB

Just a few pictures and comments sent to us from satisfied customers.  We enjoy seeing our planters being used to grow beautiful African violets. Feel free to send your pictures via email and we'll post them here.    Thanks to all who took the time to send us these comments and beautiful pictures. 

Martha, Jim, Jim, Jim and Marley.jpg (710296 bytes)

Have a good day!!! Jim and Martha